Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Me Being . . .

Mindfulness practice helps us to see more clearly the ways in which we get lost in the moments of craving and aversion--when "me" wants something--and is focused on getting it. This may be wanting something that's happening to keep happening or stop happening.

In these moments, "me" is calling the shots and we can forget there is much more to who we are than "me," and we have the capacity to make decisions driven by more than "me's" momentary impulses and needs.

It can be helpful during such time to remind ourselves that "me" is assuming center stage trying to get what it wants.

You may find calling on the phrase "That's just ME being . . . ." to be helpful.

So the next time you are feeling jealous and its its affecting not only your connection with another person, but perhaps even your wellbeing, note to yourself

"That's just ME being jealous."

When you're feeling angry . . .

"That's just ME being angry."

When you're feeling frustrated . . .

"That's just ME being frustrated."

Doing so can help to place a wedge of awareness between you and the part of you that is caught and needy in the moment.

It can free you to see more clearly what is taking place and respond more effectively to what's called for in the moment.

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