Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Channel Me

It is a curious thing when we set the intention to meditate and then choose another course of action instead. A reason might be that we don't have time or have a deadline that we need to meet. But more often than not, our reasons amount to an avoidance of sitting and paying attention to . . "me."

It's a strange paradox that we spend so much time satisfying "me," and so little coming to really know "me."

It's like watching television. There are many channels--drama, sports, comedy, nature, history, food--that we can spend a great deal of time watching, effortlessly.

And there is one channel that gets very little attention. Channel ME.

It's often regarded as "the boring channel," or the channel that doesn't have a lot going on.

When you turn to it, it can appear empty for a bit or have random dots or snow.

And so we'd rather shift out attention to where the action is--on another channel.

But if we hang out on this channel for a while (which is challenging given how terrific the other programming seems to be), this dynamic begins to change.

More on this in the next post.

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